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A warm day with gentle breeze♪♪ The weather has been great in Ishigaki recently, almost like summer, but it looks like we have another storm coming this weekend.

Today, we went out snorkeling with three confident swimmers (≧▽≦)

Last year the snorkel point at Yonehara had some damage because of high water temperature’s with coral bleaching, but now we can see healthy corals starting to grow here and there again(/・ω・)/

For second point we went out look for the Manta rays(^O^)
The light was shining beautifully down through the water… but no Mantas(/ω\)  So we waited, and waited, and waited!

Just as I thought it was time to finally give up, three Mantas suddenly appeared(≧▽≦) I’m happy we waited!

They all lined up into a neat row as they swam away Snorkelinginto the ocean (;^ω^)

Tomorrow is probably last day we can go to Manta point for now(T_T) The wind is turning to north again…

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