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The weather forecast keeps changing, north to south to west to east. Very busy weather in Ishigaki island (T-T) Today, there was a north wind so we went diving at calm Yonehara♪

This reef is so calming for the soul(*^▽^*)

There is coral spawning going on even at daytime! Around this time of the year, you can see some species with their coral eggs♪♪

The anemonefishes are also having babies〜✨ You can see their little eyes through the shell(≧∇≦)Do you think it’s creepy or cute?

A lionfish hovering above the reef♪

An anemone crab with its claws out, grabbing for food(*^▽^*)

A big anemone partner shrimp!
The south wind will be back tomorrow, if we can trutst the weather forecast! Looking forward to go diving ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+