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I wonder where the good weather on Ishigaki went☆
A strong north wind is blowing and we couldn’t go out to Manta point, but we went to Yonehara for 2 fun dives(≧▽≦)

Both on the way there and back the swell was higher than expected(;・∀・)
Even underwater we could feel the sway of the swell, but it was beautiful as always♪♪

Rocky landscape☆ I was a bit concerned about the swell, but we had a good dive here☆

A well camoflaged Scorpionfish♪♪ It is poisonous so it’s important to be careful to not touch it by mistake(;^ω^)

The pretty find of the Lionfish♪♪ There are so many different patterns on them♪

I wonder how long this swell will stay… I hope it will go away soon!

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