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Today, highest temperature in Ishigaki was 33°C☆

We went out for fun dives at Yonehara and Manta point☆
The Blue-striped pipefish I found the other day were still in the same place, I hope we get to meet them many more times this summer\(^o^)/ and they are carrying eggs too! Baby pipefishes☆ I didn’t get a good shot of their tail today either(;´・ω・)

Below are lots of Anemonefish eggs♪♪ The male fans fresh water over the eggs and make sure they are comfortable, it looks like they will hatch soon (*^▽^*)

An Anemone crab was stretching out it’s… hand, foot? To catch dinner from the current(≧▽≦)

On top of some soft corals this Turtle was having a good nap☆☆ All spread out like a starfish(;^ω^) It lay like this in the same spot during the whole dive ^_^

For second dive we went to manta scramble, but we only saw one Manta passing in high speed far away into the blue, therefore, we went to Manta city for our third dive! We heard that others going to city didn’t have any better luck than us for second dive, but we gave it a try anyway and we got lucky\(^o^)/ One Manta came by and slowly circled round and round the cleaning stations so we got a good look at it☆☆

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives and snorkeling in the morning☆ and in the afternoon discover scuba dives♪♪
I’m sure we’ll se many exciting things♪

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