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Today we had 30°C in Ishigaki!
We went for fun dives in Yonehara and Manta point♪♪ There was less swell than yesterday and visiblility was up too(≧▽≦) But sadly our main act, the mantas didn’t show up today(/ω\) Where did they go?

However, we still had a great day diving among the beautiful corals and the many small schools of fishes that swam in and out of them \(^o^)/

Can you spot the baby Scorpion fish hiding in this picture?

On the slope we found many small Marble shrimps☆☆ Sometimes it’s fun to search for small things along the bottom, but of course our divers want to see the coral garden too(;^ω^)

Under a rock two Blue-striped pipefish were hiding, they have beautiful tails but I didn’t get it on picture(;・∀・) I want to go back here again♪♪

On top of a Bubble coral so many Anemone partner shrimps had gathered, I wonder if they feel like it’s crowded.

I hope the clown fishes in the shallow part of the dive site will stay for a long time

We saw the same speices of Nudibranch yesterday too! That read does stand out(;^ω^)

Looking forward to tomorrow’s fun dives and discover scuba dives. There will be north wind(;´・ω・) I it will not be strong and calm down quickly(;^ω^)

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