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The wind in Ishigaki island has changed to north. We went out Fun Diving today again(≧▽≦) It’s been a long time since we visited Rock Lake last! In summertime, this tunnel is full of Glass fishes but for now it’s still pretty empty(;^ω^)

A small Flatworm(^O^) It sat still and looked like it was munching down on something…

A Nudibranch♪♪ I saw this one alst time we came here too(^O^) The colors are beautiful, I hope we get to see  it many times again(;^ω^)

Today we also went out to Manta point, the visibility was slightly lower than yesterday(/ω\) But the Mantas were there again, we saw two of them this time! They circled around the same rock back and forth and made it look like there was many many more of them(;・∀・)

Golden week has started(≧▽≦) Enjoy your vacation on Ishigaki☆☆

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