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Gentle winds over Ishigaki island and the visibility is getting better and better again☆

If you dive Ishigaki, you must visit Kabira Manta point!
Today the Mantas were there(≧▽≦) There has been less of them this year than the previous, until now. They are back and I hope we can continue seeing them(*’ω’*)

The Green turtles were greeting us as usual at Yamabare☆☆

We approached slowly and took a picture together(^O^)

We also saw lots of macro♪ Shrimps♪ Crabs♪ Nudibranch♡ and many more, there wasn’t enough time to take pictures of them all(;^ω^)

Below, an Ornate ghost pipefish☆


At the landscape site, Glass fishes were crowding the entrance♪♪ There was no end to them… they mutliplied so quickly, I wonder how long they will stay this time.

It was a bit dark inside the tunnel so we had to use lights(/・ω・)/

Looking forward to another day of diving tomorrow☆

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