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The swell had gone down again and the ocean was eerily flat today in Ishigaki island(/・ω・)/
From tomorrow, the north wind will get very strong according to the weather forecast. That’s why we moved around the boat to Sakeida for tomorrow’s dives(^O^)

Today we could still enjoy diving with the Manta rays(≧▽≦) We could see them very close☆

The ocean was so flat we could even go to Yamabare turtle point today☆ The turtles were relaxing at their usual sleeping spots\(^o^)/

On the sandy soil we can find many critters mimicking leaves and branches☆
This is a kind of Spidercrab♪♪ It looks like a small piece of rubbish(;^ω^)

This leafy looking fellow is a Robust ghost pipefish(;・∀・)

This teeny tiny Nudibranch we often see at Manta point☆☆
It’s hard to see it properly with the naked eye but, as you can see in the picture, it’s a beautiful little fellow(`・ω・´)

Tomorrow we’re off with both certified and beginner divers! I wonder which point we should visit(;´・ω・)

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