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The North Wind is Still Weak in Ishigaki♪ Diving with Manta Rays☆

By July 19, 2018No Comments

A new typhoon has formed but it will not hit Ishigaki directly this time☆

The wind is blowing from the north, but because it’s still weak we could depart from Kabira without problem♪♪
We weren’t sure if we could go out to Manta point this morning, luckily, we could!(≧▽≦)
And to our delight the Mantas were there!

The visibility was good and the coral reef was lively(*^▽^*)  The schools of small fishes hurdled together as the big fishes swam by, then, they spread out again♪♪ It is fascinating to watch♪

This is blenny always looks like its smiling

A young Lionfish♪ It looks like it got caught on some rubbish(;^ω^)

A Spotted coral crab with lots of eggs♪

This is one intimidating looking shrimp♪

And another one☆

I’m a little concerned about the typhoon but happy that the mantas are back circling around the cleaning stations☆

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