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Despite the sky being cloudy and the occasional rain shower, Ishigaki island was still warm today (≧▽≦) The swell had gone up since yesterday but we could still depart from Kabira bay☆ Sadly, the manta rays didn’t show up at the second dive~~~(/ω\) But we still had a good time diving♪ Below is the always lively coral garden of Yonehara☆

A dwarf hawkfish. It’s not as popular as its rarer long-nosed cousin(;´・ω・) There are quite a lot of them on the reef and you can often see them sitting on a rock or coral♡

A whip-coral shrimp♪

This nudibranch didn’t move at all (;・∀・)

A tiny flatworm, this one had very quick… skirts?(;^ω^)

From tomorrow it will get colder again, winter is coming!