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The typhoon is far away from Ishigaki island, but the waves from it reach here(;´・ω・)

Because the wind blows from the south, I thought it would cancel out the waves coming from the north but no such luck(>_<) First we went to Yonehara♪ Today there was a current and we could also feel some of the swell underwater. Despite that, the coral garden was beautiful as ever (≧▽≦)

Moray eels were peeking up at us from several places today☆ This Honeycomb moray is very big but I think it has a gentle face.

Another spotted individual, the White-mouth moray.

We braved the swell and went to Manta point for second dive(`・ω・´)
For a few days, it looked like we would get the good visibility back but now the water is murky again(/ω\)
Today’s Manta was swimming around the deeper area(/・ω・)/

The small fishes won’t clean its body there but I’m grateful that it showed up☆☆ And another one came to join it! I’m happy we went despite the swell(≧▽≦)

I hope the weather will calm down soon (;´・ω・)

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