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Rainy season has started in Ishigaki island!
We had a real heavy downpour today with thunder rumbling in the distance(;・∀・) But it looks like the weather will get a bit better from tomorrow again☆ I wonder if this rainy season will have less rain this year too.

It was actually quite dark underwater because of the clouds(;^ω^) We couldn’t hear the thunder, but we saw couple of flashes underwater. However, otherwise it was peaceful as usual (≧▽≦)
This Banded sea snake was having a nap not caring about the weather at all♪♪

A Honeycomb moray was poking its head up right next to the Anemone fishes. These fishes are quite protective but I don’t think they will attack a Moray (;・∀・)

The Fire gobies are very cute to at look at, but we have so many of them here so a lot of people just pass them by☆ Sometimes a school of them stay in the same hole, it must be quite big(^O^)

Unfortunately, no Manta rays today(/ω\) We will still have many days like this before real high season starts(;^ω^)
On top of a soft coral a big Crocodile fish was taking a rest♪♪ It looks so relaxed☆

Tomorrow we’ll depart from Sakieda again☆

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