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A typhoon is passing over Japan, but it’s far away from Ishigaki so we can go diving without problem☆
However, the southwest wind was very strong because of the typhoon(;・∀・)

We had a great dive at Manta scramble today♪♪ A female Manta was circling over the cleaning station(≧▽≦)
A male also showed up for a few rounds, but then went away(;´・ω・)

The smaller male manta. It swam close looking at us☆ 

The visibility is also back to normal\(^o^)/Yonehara’s coral garden was bathing in sunlight☆☆

With just a little bit current the small fishes gathered in glittering schools as they swam against it.

Of course, we also saw shrimps♪  I found a new place today♪

This is one big Anemone shrimp living in a small Anemone.

Inside a coral there was a gathering of crabs(`・ω・´) I think they might have been fighting, but I will never know☆

The wind will get stronger from tomorrow, but underwater it is still beautiful and calm. Looking forward to diving!

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