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Another typhoon is heading for Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) The waves are getting higher again(T_T) The weather is… rainy and windy. However, we could depart from Kabira today to dive at Yamabare, Yonehara and Manta point(☆▽☆) The visibility was great on the first dive♪

We also saw the Green turtles(≧▽≦)

Unfortunately, the Manta rays didn’t shop up today. This season hasn’t been very good for the Manta rays(/ω\) I really hope they will start showing up regularly again like they did before☆

A Leafy Scorpionfish, covered with sand(;^ω^)

This Anemone crab was braving the outside of the Anemone, I hope he dosen’t get too brave and get eaten(;・∀・)

A big Anemoneshrimp was on its Anemone☆

Tomorrow we’ll go out with the same group of divers again♪ After that, typhoon preparations!

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