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After 10 years out of the water, one of our divers decided to take the plunge and start scuba diving again with us ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Starting with the refresher course, of course! A little wobbly at the start but, like riding a bicycle, it all comes back after a few minutes(≧∇≦)

The other dive team also had a good time swimming over the reef (*^▽^*)
Below, a clown fish fanning their eggs so that they don’t get too hot (・Д・)
So many, so tiny, and when they hatch most of them will be eaten Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)
e also saw this beautiful white-mouth moray eel having a spa day with the cleaner fish♪♪
Sadly, the manta ray’s didn’t show up. But we still enjoyed the corals and beautiful landscape.
There is a lot of rain this evening but I hope we’ll have another sunny day tomorrow♪