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The south wind continues to blow strong over Ishigaki Island(;´・ω・)
I met today’s for the first time when I was working in Thailand many years ago(≧▽≦) Today, we had some relaxing dives together♪♪

Schools of fish at Yonehara☆☆

Look how many of them are swimming around this big bommie♪♪

A Leafy scorpionfish, we saw two of them in different colors today(*´▽`*)

A tiny Lionfish fry♪

We also saw this beautiful adult lionfish\(^o^)/

No manta rays at Manta scramble today again, I wonder where they have gone (´-ω-`) But we did se two big green sea turtles having a nap on the reef, one of them quickly swam away as we got closer(/ω\) Sorry for disturbing(;^ω^) The other one didn’t mind and continued to sleep peacefully

I also took a video of these clown anemonefishes(*´▽`*)

Tomorrow we’ll go diving again☆ I wish the wind would calm down(;・∀・)