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The typhoon has for Okinawa mainland but we still have strong wind and swell in Ishigaki island.
Today, we went to a divesite that was sheltered from the wind and did two dives there(≧▽≦)

We felt the rolling motion of the swell a little as we dove but overall it was calm underwater(^O^)

These young sharks have really found a place they like, one or more of them are in this spot everytime(;・∀・) Today, we saw two of them and the third one must have gone for a swim(;^ω^) They are still small but their teeth are growing long and sharp♪♪

This little one… what is it?(;´・ω・) Maybe a pipefish fry?
Anyway, isn’t it just adorable(*^▽^*)

Around the corals, many small fishes were swimming. And we could also see a lot of hunters☆
Like this Lionfish♪♪ However, it didn’t look like it was catching anything this time(;^ω^)

This Octopus was changing colors to camouflage itself… because of that we could see it from far away(/ω\)

Lots of small shrimps too♪ They are truly my favorites(*^▽^*)

Squat shrimp

Whip coral shrimp

Periclimenes inornatus

We also found several other different varieties(≧▽≦)
I hope the ocean will have calmed down by tomorrow.

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