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A strong south wind is blowing over Ishigaki island☆
With these sea conditions, it’s better to dive in Kabira area so we joined another dive boat already anchored in Kabira(≧▽≦)
Below, Yonehara coral garden♪♪

A big cuttlefish also made an appearance(≧▽≦)

This Nudibranch looks like a smiling panda(≧▽≦)

There are many different critters living in the anemones except anemonefishes. Like this anemonecrab♪

For second dive we went to Manta city♪ Lots of turtles were there to greet us \(^o^)/

However, no manta rays showed up today(/ω\)

Today it really felt like summer in Ishigaki, however, next week it’s supposed to get colder and a bit windy again(;´・ω・)

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