Hot Days Like This are Best Spent Out on the Ocean ☆

There was almost no wind at all in Ishigaki today(≧▽≦) It was an unusually beautiful day☆ We went Fun diving in Yonehara and Manta point☆

The visibility was also great and we had a relaxing first dive\(^o^)/

Blue-green Damsel fishes over the coral garden♬♬

We found many different small critters, among them an Emperor shrimp and a Nudibranch that stayed together, an unusual sight (;^ω^)

Today, we only saw one Manta at Manta point and it didn’t stay for very long(T_T) Close to where we waited for the Mantas we found a Green Turtle(≧▽≦) I approached slowly to take the picture as to not wake it up☆

Tomorrow and the day after the good weather will continue, but after that it looks like a storm will come(/ω\) Not liking this forecast one bit (;・∀・)

Swim through Fun Dives☆

The wind in Ishigaki island has changed to north. We went out Fun Diving today again(≧▽≦) It’s been a long time since we visited Rock Lake last! In summertime, this tunnel is full of Glass fishes but for now it’s still pretty empty(;^ω^)

A small Flatworm(^O^) It sat still and looked like it was munching down on something…

A Nudibranch♪♪ I saw this one alst time we came here too(^O^) The colors are beautiful, I hope we get to see  it many times again(;^ω^)

Today we also went out to Manta point, the visibility was slightly lower than yesterday(/ω\) But the Mantas were there again, we saw two of them this time! They circled around the same rock back and forth and made it look like there was many many more of them(;・∀・)

Golden week has started(≧▽≦) Enjoy your vacation on Ishigaki☆☆

Fun Diving with Lots of Mantas☆

Today we had a beautiful clear day in Ishigaki and the visibility in Yonehara was great☆ You can see it just by looking at the pictures(≧▽≦) It was very soothing for the heart to swim over the coral garden♪♪

An Anemone Crab was reaching for food at the edge of an Anemone, as we came closer, it slowly moved inside and hid(;・∀・)

Another small fellow, I hope this Bubbel Coral Shrimp will grow up big during the summer (^O^)

A resting Scorpionfish♪ It looks rather cute, don’t you think?;^ω^)

For second dive we went out to Manta point\(^o^)/
There we saw five different Manta rays(≧▽≦) Two of them kept coming back so we got to take a good look at them☆☆

From tomorrow we will have south winds♪ Looks like summer is finally here\(^o^)/

Fun Dives and Snorkeling☆

The north wind won’t turn in Ishigaki island, but it has gotten a lot calmer so we could go to Manta point☆
But first we went to Osaki’s Anthias reef and relaxed among the corals(≧▽≦)

Looking down at the bottom from the boat It thought we would have awesome visibility♪♪ But it turned out to be as usual, still beautifully clear(/・ω・)/ It was probably clearer on the deeper parts♪

There shoud still be many Giant cuttlefishes in Osaki,I thought, but there weren’t there today(/ω\) and neither was our resident turtle(((゚Д゚;)// It was a big shock, but we saw many other interesting animals\(^o^)/ Like this big Yellow-edged moray eel.

Lots of small garden eels poked their heads up from the sandy bottom(^O^)

We also met this adult Anemone Clownfish♪♪

Our snorkeling team saw one Giant Cuttlefish in the distance! Lucky (≧▽≦)

For second dive we went out to Manta point, as soon as we descended a manta passed by☆ Great…(≧▽≦)

…I thought, but it soon swam away(T_T) At least our diving team saw one I thought as we continued the dive, however, as we went up on the boat again it turned out that everybody but me had seen a second Manta! It swam by as I was looking for them in the other direction(/ω\) But I’m happy because both our diver and snorkeler saw it☆

This last picture below is the top of a coral.

Tomorrow, it will be north wind again but it’s supposed to be weak so we can go out to Manta point\(^o^)/

Advanced Open Water Course☆

It’s been a while since I updated the blog(/ω\) The north wind has picked up in Ishigaki.

Yesterday and today we did the advanced open water course♪♪ We only had one student so we could take it slow and go through everything at our own pace☆

Even when we do courses, we still have time to see many different kings of marine life(≧▽≦)
This is a picture from the navigation dive with compass♪♪ After a short struggle with the compass, our student managed the dive\(^o^)/

We also went out to Manta point, but no mantas there(/ω\) However, the landscape of the site is really interesting and we had a good time exploring it☆

Lots of healthy corals grow in the shallow areas♪ This place is always so beautiful

A soft coral was growing on the clam, but as the coral is getting bigger and bigger… I wonder if it will be hard for the clam to open it’s shell? (;・∀・)

A stone fish had buried deep into the sand, waiting for it’s pray… or maybe just taking an afternoon nap(;^ω^)

In a deeper part of the reef on a rock was a bunch of Durban dancing shrimps(/・ω・)/ As the name implies, they look like they do a litte dance as they move♪♪

This Leafy scorpionfish sat on top of a rock, not camouflaged at all (;・∀・)

In an Anemone, there were lots of tiny baby Anemone Clownfishes♪♪ However, somewhat less compared to my last dive here (T_T)

We also saw many Nudibranchs\(^o^)/

Golden Week will start soon! Looking forward to lots of new meetings☆☆