Discover Scuba Dives, Fun Dives, Looking for Mantas

A typhoon has formed south of Ishigaki!
It will get stormy by the end of the weekend(;・∀・)

But, we still have fine weather and gentle winds. Another great day under the ocean(≧▽≦)
The Sea goldies were swimming in big schools ♪♪

The corals were also looking well♪ Small Blue-green damselfishes swam busily around☆

Our discover scuba diver made good buoyancy and floated over the coral reef♪

Of course, we also took pictures with Anemonefishes! There are so many different kinds in Ishigaki island♪
This one is a Tomato anemonefish♪ It shines bright red☆

The Orange anemonefishes had babies(*^▽^*) It was fanning fresh water to them using its fins☆
It’s impressing how much care they take of their young.

I found so many shrimps around one anemone♪ This one is an Anemone shrimp☆ Part of its body is transparent (≧▽≦)

Everybody was looking forward to see the manta rays for 2nd dive but they didn’t show up(/ω\)
We went to Manta city but no luck, this is no good, I hope they will be there tomorrow.
I’m sure they will be there next time!

Flat Ocean in Kabira, the Sunny Weather Continues☆

Sunny days in Ishigaki island☆ It’s getting hot! The sun feels closer than usual(;^ω^)

We tried for the Manta rays again today! However, they weren’t there(/ω\)
I wonder why… this won’t do(;´・ω・)

At Yamabare, our faithful turtles were having a siesta♪♪
This one looked like it was itching somewhere, it was rubbing its body against a rock(*^▽^*)

We didn’t get any Mantas, but saw many other interesting marine animals☆
The Ornate pipefish are here this season too♪ I hope we can see many of them this year again.
I’m very grateful that we get to have this artificial reef ♪

Closeby on the sand we found this flounder… it looks like it has grown, eyebrows?(;・∀・)

We also saw the Spotted garden eels☆☆

On top of a big seacucumber on the sandy bottom I found an impressivly big Emperor shrimp. It wasn’t trying to hide at all(;^ω^)

A Mantis shrimp in fighiting mode(^O^) So neat, just look at the shape and colors!☆☆

Took this Nudibranch picture using microscope mode on the camera

A Scorpionfish was sitting on top of the reef in Manta city, usually divers sit on the bottom or hold on to the rocks at this site… have to be careful(;・∀・)

More diving tomorrow♪♪ Got both fun and discover scuba dives♪ Gonna be a lot of fun☆

Fun Dives and Discover Scuba in Yonehara

The summer heat continues in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
We went out with a group of friends, two of them were certified and one tried diving for the first time♪♪

First dive was at the shallow Jukabijin site☆☆ After much trouble equalizing, we managed to go down to take this picture with the whole group of friends together(^ω^)

We saw many tropical reef fishes at the shallow reef♪

A Hermit crab was carrying a big heavy looking shell as it’s house(;・∀・) It looked too big for the little fellow.。

Today, we also went looking for Manta rays at Manta Scramble! No luck this time (/ω\)
They are wild animals so there’s not much we can do, but it’s very frustrating!

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving☆ I wonder what we will find in the ocean this time♪

Finally Manta Rays☆

The last week, I’ve been complaining about the strong wind… now when it’s gone: too hot!(;・∀・)
♪♪Summer is finally here in Ishigaki island☆

Today, we went all in at the Manta points! It was the 3rd day of diving for our guests, and still no sight of the Manta rays. So we had to do something about it!

We wen’t looking with high hopes♪♪

First, at Manta city and then to Manta Scramble! The Manta rays were there at both sites(≧▽≦)

Just a bit far away(;・∀・) They swam by and didn’t return(/ω\)
I wish we could gotten a bit more time to watch them, but I’m happy they showed up☆☆
They should be more like this relaxed Harlequin Sweetlips I think.

While we waited for the Mantas this Anemonefish entertained us☆
Just be careful not to look too long, a Manta might pass overhead without you noticing(;^ω^)

Looking forward to many weeks with calm sea and the sunlight glittering on the water from now on(*^▽^*)
Diving in Ishigaki is the best☆☆☆

Blue Sky at End of Rainy Season☆

The wind has turned into a breeze again in Ishigaki Island☆ It’s hot above the surface!(;^ω^)

We went out with high hopes of seeing the Manta rays, but they weren’t there today either(T_T)
Apparently, some divers have been swimming after and chasing the Mantas, so that could be why they are not showing up((+_+))

In Yamabare, the corals are growing up quickly♪♪ It’s fun to watch them get bigger and bigger every year(≧▽≦)

A Green turtle made itself comfortable on top of the rocks for its afternoon nap(*^▽^*)

We saw lots of macro today♪ Like this tiny flowing Nudibranch☆ There were three of them in the same spot♪♪

Here’s another Nudibranch we found today♪

Below, a Lizard fish. It has a pretty scary face(;・∀・) Look at all those teeth! It didn’t seem to have any luck hunting though(;^ω^)

In the afternoon, we enjoyed landscape diving into the tunnels♪♪

An Electric clam☆ It blinks when you shine a light on it(*^▽^*)

I hope the Manta rays will be there tomorrow…