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The south wind is strong in Ishigaki island. But we have good shelter from it in Kabira area☆

We started the boat diving part of the open water course today(≧▽≦)
Before entering the water, my students did a proper buddy check!

Underwater, we first did our skill practice before going for a swim♪♪
A Green turtle looked comfy napping under a rock(^O^)

Then, the turtle suddenly swam straight towards one of our divers(;・∀・) It was surprising and a little bit scary, maybe it was a bit confused after just waking up(;´・ω・)

At Manta scramble, we saw two Manta rays right under the boat after jumping in(*^▽^*)
Unfortunately, my Open water students didn’t see them (T_T)
I was hoping the Mantas would come back, but sadly they didn’t this time… I hope we can see them tomorrow!

Theese Orange Anemonefishes entertained us while we waited for the Mantas♪♪
It’s not the same, but at least they are cute to look at(;^ω^)

The wind will be strong tomorrow again, but I’m looking forward to finishing the course and more fun dives on the boat☆☆

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