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A little bit swell coming in today but the wind is calm and the sky blue in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We went for three fun dives and sampled the best of Ishigaki, coral reefs, landscape diving and manta point♪We saw several manta rays today! Some where circling the cleaning stations and some passed us by\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

Our diver got to see the manta rays for the second day in a row(/・ω・)/

We quite often see turtles in Arakawa and Yamabare area, but we don’t see the hawksbill turtles very often☆ Today we met two of them(*^▽^*) The small one avoided us but the bigger turtle was too busy enjoying its lunch snack(;・∀・)

The swim throughs had good visibility today♪♪

I took a video of an electric clam♪

Corals in Yonehara! We floated over them. Mesmerized (*´▽`*) So many schools of sea goldies and blue-green damselfishes♪

We also found lots of other marine animals☆ Like this school of razor fishes!

A brown banded pipefish♪This one is still very red in color so it must be a younger individual☆

A squat shrimp♡ You can see lots of his friends in the background♪This shrimp looks very funny when moving(´・ω・`)

A nudibranch☆

The weather forecast says north winds coming this weekend… Every day I look at the forecast I hope that it will change m(__)m It’s not too late yet!