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Not quite a typhoon (or is it?)… but it sure brings strong wind and waves to Ishigaki island.

We went fun diving in Yamabare, Manta point and Yonehara(≧▽≦)
At Yamabare, we didn’t feel the waves and swell at all and the Green turtles were having a siesta at their usual place♪♪

The young corals weren’t affected by the last typhoon and are growing all the time☆☆ If it continues like this, this dive sit will become really beautiful(*^▽^*)

The waves were high as we drove over to Manta point ((+_+)) We didn’t let that stop us and soon got underwater to avoid getting seasick(;・∀・) However, there was plenty of wave motion underwater too(;^ω^)
After waiting for 40min, I almost gave up but then a Manta passed by\(^o^)/ I was happy we got to see it, unfortunately, our other dive team was on the way up and didn’t spot it at all(/ω\)

Third dive at Yonehara coral garden♪♪

Lot’s of different Macros☆☆ Like this Whip coral shrimp♪

The wind should be much calmer tomorrow… but it looks like the swell will linger for some time(;´・ω・)
Looking forward to more fun diving☆

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