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Another beautiful warm day in Ishigaki island☆

We went out for Fun and Discover Scuba Dives(/・ω・)/ However, our first time divers were a bit too nervous(;^ω^) so we switched to snorkeling and had fun watching the underwater world from above instead(^O^)

We found many different kinds of fishes swimming around this lobe coral\(^o^)/

Healthy corals are slowly growing up☆ Around next month, there will be coral spawning(/・ω・)/

Unluckily, we didn’t get to meet the mantas today(/ω\)
But our Fun Divers found a big Green turtle♪♪ It had hidden it’s head and was deeply asleep(^O^)

Tomorrow, we will move the boat around to Sakieda, I wonder how long until we can return to Kabira…

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