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Mostly cloudy but sometimes the sun broke through in Ishigaki island today☆
Because of the typhoon that passed by the wind is still very strong. Luckily for us, it’s coming from the south so Kabira area is quite sheltered(≧▽≦)

We went out for both fun diving and discover scuba diving♪♪
Our discover divers had tried diving before♪ Every time really makes a lot of difference\(^o^)/

The sea was rough, but underwater it was calm and we could float quietly over the coral garden(^ω^)

We can find lots of different Anemonefishes in Yonehara, but this Anemonefish is the biggest of them all♪♪ It quickly chase off any other fish that intrudes on it’s Anemone(;・∀・)

Unfortunatly, no mantas today(/ω\) I don’t like this bad luck at all ((+_+))
So for 3rd dive we went to see our resident turtles instead♪♪ There was a bit of rolling underwater too, but the Green turtles were having their siesta in the same place like always☆☆

Our Discover diver got a close look at it(≧▽≦) and got a photo of their meeting☆

This is a close-up of a coral. They are so beautiful☆ There are many corals growing up around Kabira♪ It makes me happy to see them get bigger.

Tomorrow, the wind will hopefully calm down a little. Dreaming of a flat ocean again…

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