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The wind direction keeps changing, but it keeps being a gentle wind in Ishigaki island☆ Today we also had great conditions for diving♪♪

Unfortunately, the Manta rays didn’t agree with us and refused to show up((+_+)) I wonder where they are(/ω\)
Another dive shop has been seen chasing and touching them so maybe that’s why…(-_-メ)
Luckily this Hawksbill turtle showed up to the rescue☆☆ At least we could see something out of the ordinary(≧▽≦)

Inside a crack the Electric clam blinked back as we shone a light on it(*^▽^*)

We also saw many small shrimps, but today we also found this big Lobster(;^ω^)

This Anemone crab was also pretty big♪ Impressive claws!

I wonder which Nudibranch we see most often here, maybe this one below(;・∀・)

We also saw this one on the safety stop♪♪ It’s always an extra treat to find something during those three minutes(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving in Ishigaki again♪

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