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The sun is strong! The ocean around Ishigaki island glitters✨Feels so good to be diving🌊
We went for introduction- and fun dives♪ Today, we had to wait some time before it showed up at Manta point but we did see a manta ray!

After it arrives, it continued to circle the cleaning station✨

Corals at Yonehara♪ The manta rays are famous but there is plenty of else to enjoy under the ocean♫

The introduction team also had good buoyancy and swam over the corals✨

A school of baracuda enertained us while we waited for the manta rays ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

We also met some anemone fish♫

For the last dive, we enjoyed swim throughs and rocky landscape✨

Also found some small anemone partner shrimp shrimps and a whip coral shrimp✨

Tomorrow it’s time for an advanced open water course✨ Looking forward to diving!