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Sunny day☀ The wind blows gently over Ishigaki island\(^o^)/

The visibility hasn’t been the best the last few days, but I think it improved slightly at Yonehara today(;^ω^)
However, at Manta point it was still pretty bad(T_T) Also, no mantas today. We had such high hopes(/ω\) As always of course(/・ω・)/

At least the corals looked healthy and beautiful as always☆

This Clown anemonefish was


This Crocodilefish had made itself comfortable among the corals. A soft coral was almost hitting its eye(;・∀・)

Lots of Glassfishes inside the underwater tunnel♪ There might be slightly less of them this year compared to last, but when they gather in big schools it’s spectacular\(^o^)/

An Ornate ghost pipefish☆ It’s a clear favorite among our divers and we can find many of them around this time of the year(*’ω’*)

A newly hatched squid♪♪ There was three of them, one skillfully squirted ink and managed to camouflage itself, the others got eaten by fish… Nature can be brutal(;´・ω・)

A small Flatworm, around 1cm big. On the sandy soil we saw several Nudibranches(≧▽≦)

An Electric clam♪ From a crack in the rock it reflected the light as I shone my flashlight on it☆

I also found many crabs and shrimps(*^▽^*)
Can you find the Spider crab? It has camoflaged itself really well♪

We also saw this Anemone crab☆

Squat shrimps♪

And Anemone shrimp!

From tomorrow the weather will be strange again because of the typhoon passing north of Okinawa, but diving will still be fun(≧▽≦)

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