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The south wind is blowing strong in Ishigaki island, I wonder if it will calm down soon(;´・ω・)

From today, we’re starting a new Open Water Course☆ We did first skill practice on the beach this morning(≧▽≦) From tomorrow, we’ll go out with the boat♪♪ More fun awaits☆

Our fun diving team joined another boat and went out to Yonehara and Manta point\(^o^)/
They floated over the corals♪♪

And saw lots of different Anemonefishes, they always bring a smile to my face(*^▽^*)

The second dive was at Manta city! After a long wait, nothing(;´・ω・) Bad luck today(/ω\)
Maybe the ring-eyed hawkfish also waited for the mantas(;・∀・) I hope we’ll get revenge tomorrow!

The wind continues to blow strong, but looking forward to diving again!

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