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The waves created by the nearby typhoon have calmed down, but the weather in Ishigaki island is very busy with hard rain followed by blue sky(;^ω^)

Just as we anchored, a rainbow ended just by my senior’s boat(≧▽≦) 

We saw lots of different animals underwater today!!
At Manta point I had a good feeling as we jumped in and our divers got to see the Mantas\(^o^)/ Two of them at Manta scramble today☆ Nothing like Ishigaki’s Kabira Manta point♪♪

At Yonehara we found lots of different Macro☆ This Clown anemonefish fry was hiding in a bright white anemone♪ It looked like a winter landscape with the red and white(*^▽^*)

Talking about white and red, this is a little Parrot fish fry☆

A current exposed this Anemone crab from under the Anemone’s skirt☆

Lately, these Anemone partner shrimps are just getting more and more☆ As I approached it, it started to fiercely shake its little claws at me(;^ω^)

A Whip coral shrimp☆ They hid in a difficult spot and were not easy to see(´-ω-`)

We also saw different Nudibrances and flat worms!

Looks like it will be another day of hectic weather tomorrow(>_<)

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