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A calm sea in Ishigaki island today☆ However it’s gotten so hot(;´・ω・) It’s good we can cool down underwater!

We departed for discover scuba dives, and fun dives with our certified divers♪♪ A fun day departing from Kabira(≧▽≦)

For 3rd dive, only
certified divers joined and we went to W-Arch in Arakawa area\(^o^)/ We could see so many small fishes in the tunnels (*^▽^*)

And also some predators hunting for them(;^ω^) Like this Lionfish.

This Nudibranch is popular among many divers♪☆
We had many good dives today but, unfortunately, no Manta rays(/ω\)
As soon as everybody got up on the boat, a snorkeling shop saw one swim by… worst timing((+_+))
Nature isn’t always fair, and there are days when we can see them and others don’t(^O^)

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