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A weak north wind is blowing over a cloudy Ishigaki island〜(>_<) Luckily, there isn’t much swell so we could still depart from Kabira for dives at Yonehara, Manta point and Arakawa✨✨

Last day of the open water course!! Skill practice all done and a new diver is certified. Congratulations!!! 🎊(≧∇≦)🎊 Everything went really well, including compass navigation♪♪

Today, at manta point… we waited, and waited and finally a manta ray appeared♪ It circled the cleaning station for a while before disappearing again.

It swam really close to our divers, that looks like a good video shot!✨

After finishing the course, we did some landscape dives♪ Enjoying the swim throughs in Arakawa area (*^▽^*)

A little squat shrimp on a fluffy coral♪♪

The wind direction keeps changing every other day, I hope it will settle down for the summer south soon σ(^_^;)