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Calm ocean in Ishigaki island☆ I wonder which part the wave forecast was for?

We went fun diving at Yamabrare, Manta point and Yonehara(≧▽≦)
The corals were beautiful and at this site so many new ones are growing☆ It warms my heart\(^o^)/

We also saw many reef fishes♪ Like this tiny Clown anemonefish♪♪

Bubble coral shrimps are my current favorites♪ It’s a fun challenge to take pictures of them(≧▽≦)

A Green turtle sunbathing at the shallow reef♪♪ It looked very relaxed and comfortable☆

A pretty violet toned Nudibranch♪

Looks like we’ll have another day with a flat ocean in Ishigaki tomorrow(*^▽^*)

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