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It was very hot and the ocean glimmered in Ishigaki island today☆

Our open water student had his second day of training, practicing in the ocean(≧▽≦)
We also had a merry group of fun divers with us as we departed☆After finishing the skill training we had a swim underwater♪♪♪ Floating over the coral garden, taking pictures with Anemonefishes and saying “hi” to many other sea creatures\(^o^)/

For second dive we went to Manta scramble to see the manta rays☆ Even during the open water course it is possible to see them here in Kabira(^ω^)  Two of the mantas circled round and round the cleaning station♪♪ Our fun diver team saw three of them(;・∀・) One of the mantas swam very close to our divers and it was an impressing sight☆

In the afternoon, we went for more fun dives! This landscape site has such beautiful light♪

We found lots of small critters♡ A purple Nudibranch making its way over the sea floor☆ The white lines make it look cute as a cupcake(*^▽^*)

Tomorrow is the final day of the open water course! We will also welcome our certified diving team from today back on the boat for more fun dives(≧▽≦)

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