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It’s a completley different sea compared to yesterday in Ishigaki island, it got calm so quickly☆

We departed from Kabira for 3 fun dives today(≧▽≦)
First out, Yonehara☆ Lots of small fishes swimming between the corals♪

For second dive we went to Manta scramble, as soon as we descended a Manta ray passed by(≧▽≦) However, it didn’t stick around and it didn’t come back this time(;´・ω・)

We did the 3rd dive at Rock Lake♪♪ We had a good time exploring the tunnels(*^▽^*)

Today, we also saw lots of Macro(≧▽≦)
Like this teeny tiny Pipehorse☆ Absolutley Adorable(*^▽^*) 

We also saw this baby Bubble coral shrimp♪♪ We can see it in a lot of places this year☆

A flock of Durban dancing shrimps! They got their name from the way they move back and forth☆

We also saw Squat shrimps(^O^) I really like these shrimp, wonder how many pictures I have of them(;^ω^)

Lots of Nudibranch too♪ This kind of Nudibranch we also see quite often♪♪

Looks like tomorrow will be hot, let’s all be careful not to get heatstroke! Looking forward to fun diving and discover scuba dives☆☆

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