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Viking Scuba Kabira is celebrating 5 years today・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ Big thanks to everyone who has supported and dived with us! Let’s continue to make many amazing memories in the water! The sky was cloudy as we departed but the sun came out later and lit up the reef♪Ishigaki island’s sea was also calm (≧∀≦)
Today, we had both a fun diving and a snorkeling team onboard. We went off to Yonehara, Manta point and Yamabare. At Manta city, there was so many manta rays circling around (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I think there was as many as 14 of them! At one time, I could count 8 of them swimming around us (*^▽^*) Some of them swam right above ↓↓↓

A manta ray swimming by slowly and more following behind

The snorkeling team also got a good look♪♪

We had so much fun watching the manta rays I almost missed this crocodile fish☆ They are very impressive, but not quite as impressive as the mata rays σ(^_^;)

Today’s guests♪ Thank you for diving and snorkeling with us!

A small turtle swam right at us小さなアオウミガメがゆっくり近寄って来てくれてなんてサービス精神だって思っていたら近くのねぐらに入りたいだけでしたΣ(‘◉⌓◉’)

Yonehara coral garden♪ All the small fishes glittering in the light(*^▽^*)

Our snorkeling team also saw lots of corals and colorful fishes ♡

The fine weather will go away soon, but tomorrow will still be calm.