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Blue sky, no wind and the ocean looked like a mirror in Ishigaki island today☆☆

On these kinds of days, I feel happy just driving out with the boat(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba divers also had relaxed underwater time and met many different tropical fishes☆

However, we did unfortunatley not see the Manta rays today(/ω\) I wonder where they are on a fine day like this(; ・`д・´)
At Manta scramble, a school of Baracuda formed a round ball♪♪♪

The Clown anemonefishes are everyone’s favorites, divers or not!☆

A well camoflaged flounder♪ It only revealed itself as it moved(;^ω^)

Latley, we only seen one Ghost pipe fish in this spot, or maybe I just can’t find the others

This season I’ve found Pipe horses at a lot of different dive sites(≧▽≦)

A Nudibranch♪♪

A Lionfish with a piggy nose!☆

A bright red Durban dancing shrimp♪

As we came up from the third dive, a school of rain fell right over the boat(;^ω^) It was a very local shower and I could see the blue sky in every direction☆

Looking forward to more diving in this good weather tomorrow☆ I hope the Mantas will come too…

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