The warm weather ends today?!

Despite the sky being cloudy and the occasional rain shower, Ishigaki island was still warm today (≧▽≦) The swell had gone up since yesterday but we could still depart from Kabira bay☆ Sadly, the manta rays didn’t show up at the second dive~~~(/ω\) But we still had a good time diving♪ Below is the always lively coral garden of Yonehara☆

A dwarf hawkfish. It’s not as popular as its rarer long-nosed cousin(;´・ω・) There are quite a lot of them on the reef and you can often see them sitting on a rock or coral♡

A whip-coral shrimp♪

This nudibranch didn’t move at all (;・∀・)

A tiny flatworm, this one had very quick… skirts?(;^ω^)

From tomorrow it will get colder again, winter is coming!

Circling manta on today’s dive

Flat ocean in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦)

First, we went diving at Yonehara coral garden☆ After that we departed for manta point☆ It’s in the middle of winter but we’ve been seeing them often lately\(^o^)/

A manta was circling round and round the north cleaning station at manta scramble(≧▽≦)

When we swam back, I noticed that another manta was circling the main cleaning station too(;・∀・)
In Yonehara, we swam over the corals♪

And also explored some tunnels(*^▽^*)

We saw many different kinds of marine animals♪♪ Below, a lionfish♪

A banded sea snake was having a nap on the ocean floor. When they sleep, their eyes turn white☆

A brown-banded pipefish dashed across a rock♪

A school of anemone partner shrimps had gathered in the same spot\(^o^)/

This week the wind around Ishigaki island has been very calm and the temperature warm, but looks like winter will come back next week~(゚Д゚;)

Fun dives under the sun

A south wind is blowing! It’s only January but Ishigaki island is really warm and the sea calm(≧▽≦) Today, we departed from Kabira bay and went diving at Manta point♪♪ Can you see the far away manta ray in this picture? It was a really small manta in a hurry(;・∀・)

The corals are growing up healthily at Manta scramble(*^▽^*)

Besides the small manta ray, we also met this sleepyhead (;^ω^) We quite often see green sea turtles at the manta points☆

The above picture is from manta scramble and the below one from manta city(≧▽≦)

There were also many tomato anemonefishes♪♪

Below, a pink anemonefish☆

Another day with south wind tomorrow♪ Looking forward to depart from Kabira bay again!

Colorful Corals

The wind blew gently over Ishigaki island today. The water temperature is down but it doesn’t feel too cold when the sun is shining(≧▽≦) We went out for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura today☆ The corals were very pretty(*^▽^*)

We went looking for the Sea turtles but they weren’t many around today(/ω\) We just got a quick look at this one taking off ~ww

This big nudibranch has been hanging around the same spot for some time♪It’s big so pretty easy to spot(;^ω^)

A whip coral shrimp♪

The wind will change to the south again tomorrow(`・ω・´) Looking forward to a bit warmer weather♪♪

Fun dives in Osaki

The forecast was for north wind this morning but we woke up to a sunny Ishigaki(≧▽≦) However, as we departed from the beach the north wind came in strong and cold(;´・ω・) We still went for three dives in Osaki area☆ There, we met this green sea turtle who was very sound asleep(;・∀・)

This one is the biggest turtle in Osaki right now☆ A magnificent individual(`・ω・´)

Lately, we have started to see the giant cuttlefishes more frequently♪♪ It’s still not the mating season, I hope we will get to see many more!

A little pipefish with bright red eyes♪

A stonefish was well hidden in the sand, only the eyes and month vere sticking up(;・∀・)

A little frost nudibranch♡

We can see many of this type of nudibranch in Osaki right now☆

This fish looked like it was making an angry face as it hid underneath the rock but, actually, it was getting its mouth and body cleaned by small shrimps☆

We saw lots of small shrimps, below, an arrow cleaner shrimp♪♪

A teeny tiny anemone partner shrimp♪ It was floating around an anemone♪

The wind blew strong and cold today but from tomorrow it will calm down again☆ I wonder if the temperature will go up too.