Snorkeling Yonehara & Manta Point

A warm day with gentle breeze♪♪ The weather has been great in Ishigaki recently, almost like summer, but it looks like we have another storm coming this weekend.

Today, we went out snorkeling with three confident swimmers (≧▽≦)

Last year the snorkel point at Yonehara had some damage because of high water temperature’s with coral bleaching, but now we can see healthy corals starting to grow here and there again(/・ω・)/

For second point we went out look for the Manta rays(^O^)
The light was shining beautifully down through the water… but no Mantas(/ω\)  So we waited, and waited, and waited!

Just as I thought it was time to finally give up, three Mantas suddenly appeared(≧▽≦) I’m happy we waited!

They all lined up into a neat row as they swam away Snorkelinginto the ocean (;^ω^)

Tomorrow is probably last day we can go to Manta point for now(T_T) The wind is turning to north again…

Let’s enjoy the Ocean☆ Yonehara and Manta Point

We had a sunny day with gentle breeze and the water temperature is rising little by little here on Ishigaki island! Today, we went out both fun diving and snorkeling to enjoy the ocean(≧▽≦)

Under the blue sea, we had a relaxed dive swimming over our beautiful coral garden♪♪

We found really big Anemone♪ and this Anemonefish was fiercely protecting it from any intruders(;・∀・)

A Clown Anemonefish♪♪ The Anemone sits on top of a big table corals and is very popular among our Discover Scuba Divers, but now the Anemone is moving more and more toward the edge of the coral… also, it looks kind of damaged so I worry about it (-_-)

The Sea Goldies were looking as lovely as always, swimming on top of the rocks (≧▽≦)

For second dive we went to Manta point!
We had good luck with the mantas recently so we went in with high expectations! However, today we didn’t see any mantas.

While we waited for the Mantas at the cleaning stations, this Green Turtle decided to pass by and it swam right into our diver’s bubbles, I wonder if it was playing or what it thought. Anyway, it was very cute (;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re off snorkeling!

Fun Dives in Kabira☆

We had stormy weather this weekend, but now it has calmed down and we have had a couple of really warm and sunny days in Ishigaki island♪

Today, we went Fun Diving in Yonehara and Manta Point and we saw many exciting things(≧▽≦)
Last year, I found an Anemone with no Fishes in it and only a few small shrimps(/・ω・)/ Now it has three Common Anemone fishes living in it ♪♪

A big impressive Honey Comb Moray was looking out of its hole, it stretched out its body like it wasn’t afraid of anything(;・∀・)

A lovely white Christmas Worm♪ They are very popular with Discover Scuba Divers and newly certified divers alike(^O^)

A Marble Shrimp☆ It’s usually very shy and hard to get a picture of, but today I got a really sharp one!

This Hermit Crab found himself a majestic house☆

For second dive went to Manta point, yesterday we went there and saw the Manta Rays, but very disappointingly forgot to bring the camera… So we had high hopes of them being there today!

The Mantas came out as soon as we jumped into the water♪ First they swam back and forth from the main reef to another cleaning station♪♪ Then, they hovered on top of a cleaning station until it was time to go up (≧▽≦)

At the end, a Green Turtle came out to join the Mantas in their show♪♪
I only wish I could have taken a picture of them facing me, but maybe that’s too much to ask(;^ω^)

Second Day of Open Water Course, Together with Family☆☆

Today was another warm sunny day on the boat in Ishigaki island. Our open water student did her first practice dives in the ocean today(≧▽≦) The certified divers also had a good day exploring the reef☆

Today’s dive spots were in Osaki and Nagura area☆☆
After our Open Water student finished her skills, we went to have a look at all the different fishes♪♪

Soon, we found a big Octopus(/・ω・) It changed colors and it was really exciting to see♪♪

The Ribbon eel had moved a bit from its usual place, but I found it just a stone’s throw away.

We circled around many beautiful corals♪ Our Open Water student already has good buoyancy(^O^)
Having this good skills from the start will certainly make her a super good diver as she gains more practice…(;^ω^)

The Giant Cuttlefishes had another busy day mating(;・∀・)
They had all gathered in a shallow area, around 5m deep and there was so many of them! This shallow, you could see them on Discover Scuba Dives or even snorkeling☆

We also went and had a look at the different shrimps. They might not be the most impressive thing on a dive, but they sure are fun and strange to look at (;^ω^)
Bubble Coral Shrimp♪

Squat Shrimp♪♪

Anemone Partner Shrimp♪♪♪ It’s hard to see with the naked eye, but they have a sharp body shape that I think look cool (≧▽≦)

Tomorrow, I hope we can go out to manta point… I hope the mantas will be there…

Open Water Course☆ and Fun Diving☆

Even though we have a slight north wind, it was 27°C degrees in Ishigaki island today☆ Summer is coming!
Today, we started an open water course(≧▽≦) and did the confined water session at the beach♪ Our fun diving group went out with the boat to Osaki area.

Before departure, we got to borrow some space on the boat to practice setting up the gear and do skill briefing(;^ω^)

Our open water student had both snorkeled and dived before, so she was comfortable underwater from the start(≧▽≦) She did all her skills very well and we could finish the practice quickly(/・ω・)/

Our Fun Diving them saw lots of different fishes and critters in Osaki area. Right now, we are in the middle of Giant Cuttlefish mating season and we could see many of them today again(^O^)

It is easy to forget to look down when seeing the Giant Cuttlefishes hovering overhead but, for those that do, there are many different kinds of nudibranch and flatworms to be discovered(;^ω^)

Tomorrow our open water student will join us on the boat tomorrow☆ Let’s enjoy the ocean(≧▽≦)