Over the Swell, Off We Go!☆

There was a lot less wind compared to yesterday’s afternoon but the swell was still lingering around Ishigaki island.

Today we went out for fun dives and discover scuba dives at Yonehara and Manta point♪♪ Our fun divers had tried their luck without sucess at Manta point yesterday and were hoping for revenge. I’m sad to say there was no mantas there today either(T_T) Especially since we went out there in high swell and all(/ω\)

We had two discover scuba divers on the boat, however, one of them was very scared of water and couldn’t conqer her fear this time(;^ω^) Our other first time diver didn’t have much problems and could enjoy exploring the underwater world with us♪

Nothing like the coral garden♪♪

The water temperature is rising steadily, is that what make this big Anemonefish open it’s mouth like in a big yawn? (;・∀・)

A Lionfish showing off it’s patterned fins☆

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives♪♪ Let’s go and meet all the different fishes(≧▽≦)

Sunny morning☆ Fun dives in Kabira☆

Today we had 30°C in Ishigaki!
We went for fun dives in Yonehara and Manta point♪♪ There was less swell than yesterday and visiblility was up too(≧▽≦) But sadly our main act, the mantas didn’t show up today(/ω\) Where did they go?

However, we still had a great day diving among the beautiful corals and the many small schools of fishes that swam in and out of them \(^o^)/

Can you spot the baby Scorpion fish hiding in this picture?

On the slope we found many small Marble shrimps☆☆ Sometimes it’s fun to search for small things along the bottom, but of course our divers want to see the coral garden too(;^ω^)

Under a rock two Blue-striped pipefish were hiding, they have beautiful tails but I didn’t get it on picture(;・∀・) I want to go back here again♪♪

On top of a Bubble coral so many Anemone partner shrimps had gathered, I wonder if they feel like it’s crowded.

I hope the clown fishes in the shallow part of the dive site will stay for a long time

We saw the same speices of Nudibranch yesterday too! That read does stand out(;^ω^)

Looking forward to tomorrow’s fun dives and discover scuba dives. There will be north wind(;´・ω・) I it will not be strong and calm down quickly(;^ω^)

Good to Dive in Kabira again☆

A sunny clear day in Ishigaki today, but somewhere far away I think there is a north wind blowing causing swell here☆
Our boat is finally back in tip-top shape after maintenance and I was excited to go diving again(≧▽≦) Today we went fun diving in rock lake, manta point and Yonehara♪

Because of the swell, I wasn’t sure if we could dive the swim throughs at rock lake but we could enjoy the tunnels today too (^O^)

However, we had a lot of swell at Manta city (;・∀・) Luckily, we also had a Manta ray!
We waited a long time but finally, it showed up\(^o^)/ and it didn’t just pass through but circled round and round the cleaning station♪♪♪ After that, it passed very close to us as it went away, maybe to another cleaning station☆☆

Right after we descended in Yonehara, a pair of sharks were right under the boat♪ Their tails were sticking out as they were hiding in a coral crack(;^ω^) Two small Whitetip sharks♪♪ They looked like two siblings hiding☆

The reef’s own little dancing troup – the Durban dancing shrimps♪

We also spotted this nudibranch with neon red coloring☆

Tomorrow we’re also off fun diving☆ I’m looking forward to it, I hope the swell will go away until then.

Fun Diving and Discover Scuba Dives☆

A big warm sun was shining in Ishigaki island today☆

I did an equipment maintenance course the last few days so it’s been a while since we went out! We went out with both fun divers and discover scuba divers to Yonehara and Manta point(≧▽≦)

I’m sad to say, the mantas didn’t show up today(/ω\) what’s that about(ToT)
But we still had two amazing dives on our lively reefs♪♪ So many fishes swam over the Yonehara coral garden(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba divers had tried diving before so they were quite comfortable from the start☆☆ They could even make neutral buoyancy and float over the corals!

We also took many photos with anemone fishes. There are so many different varieties of them in Yonehara♪

A Lion fish was hiding under a rock(^ω^) Their fins are very beautiful and they are popular with our discover scuba divers☆

The Comet fishes are very shy☆ They will soon escape into a whole once approached(;^ω^)

It’s Good to be Underwater☆ Fun- and Discover Scuba Dives

Today we had another calm warm day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) The water temperature is also going up and diving is comfortable☆

Ishigaki island is a great place to try diving☆ First time divers are usually a bit nervous on the surface but once underwater that feeling soon forgotten among all the fishes\(^o^)/

We floated over the coral garden and were dazzled by all the small schools of Blue-green damselfishes☆☆

Of course, we took selfies with the Anemone fishes♪♪ A really big Anemonefish shares this Anemone with lots of smaller Anemonefishes(;^ω^)

For second dive we went to Manta point! Would our discover scuba divers see a manta on their 2nd dive ever? We went to the cleaning station and waited, and waited, and waited. I was about to give up but then suddenly the Manta rays appeared(≧▽≦)

I feel grateful we could see them today(^O^) It was a good day diving♪♪

We’re taking some days off from tomorrow! Toyo will do an equipment maintenance course and we have some other things that need fixing(;^ω^)