Last Day of Open Water Course, Wind has Calmed Down☆

The wind had calmed down a lot since yesterday and we went diving on a sunny Ishigaki Island. However, the wind made a strong comeback this afternoon and now in the evening we can hear it howling again(;´・ω・)

We saw lots of different fishes on today’s dives again between skill practice!

The corals are looking fine today too♪ Between them a family of Tomato Anemone fishes had gathered and found a home(^O^)

We also spotted lots of shrimps☆ From the cute to the cool – I like them all(;・∀・)
Below is an Anemone Partner Shrimp♪ This one looks like it’s folding its arms in a very boss like way(≧▽≦)

Squirt Shrimp♪♪ I think it’s the most common shrimp around here, but no matter how many times I see them I still enjoy finding them☆

Feather Star Shrimp♪♪♪ There are many different colors of this shrimp, but I think I like the one below best(;^ω^)

Bubble Coral Shrimp♪♪♪♪ I often put pictures of it on the blog, but this shrimp in the bubble coral was especially ador(・∀・)able!!

It was a bit cold, but our student managed to finish her Open Water Course☆☆ Congratulations and hope to see you again for Fun Diving some day.

Open Water Course, First Day on the Boat☆ Very Strong Wind!!!

The weather is getting colder every day in Ishigaki island now☆
On the leeward side of the island, we found a calm diving spot for our practice for the second day of the Open Water Course(≧▽≦)

We reviewed the skills we did yesterday at the beach and then went for a swim to watch the fishes and get used to the underwater world♪♪ Our student’s balance and buoyancy is improving so much all the time(^O^)
The first dive was a bit wobbly but on the second dive she swam much smoother through the water☆

The corals looked as beautiful as ever in Nagura bay♪

We can find many different kinds of corals in this area(≧▽≦)
There are many cold days in Ishigaki in wintertime but it’s worth a visit to see the abundant coral reefs.

Tomorrow we’ll continue to practice! I hope the wind will calm down until then(;´・ω・)


Lots of strange looking animals today

The hard winds from yesterday has calmed down and the sun broke through the clods in Ishigaki today☆
We went for one dive in Osaki and one dive in Nagura on today’s Fun Dives^^

First out of today’s strange sea creatures are these small shrimps(≧▽≦) They can be found on many of the dive sites, the one below is a Squat Shrimp♪

This is a Bubble Coral Shrimp♪ I’ve never seen one this big before!

A Feather Star Shrimp♪ It is very well camouflaged sitting in this Feather Star, but I wonder what happens in if suddenly change to another host with different color (;・∀・)

The corals in Nagura bay are looking well! I feel so relaxed every time I see them (*^▽^*)

A young Ribbon Eel fiercely opened it’s mouth wide as we approached it, despite being very small, it tried it’s best to scare us off (;^ω^)

A Stonefish had dug itself down in the sand as they usually do, the stingers on it’s back are very dangerous but this one looks like it could bite too (>_<)

The Banded Sea Snakes are in mating season♡ The males are doing their best to keep catch one of the females!

Tomorrow is Ishigaki Marathon! Our diver from today will also run in it (≧▽≦) Cheering on everybody tomorrow!

Fun Diving, Osaki calmer than expected☆

Today we went for Fun Dives in Osaki area♪

The wind has lessened and the sea was calm as we departed(≧▽≦)

We found a Robust Ghost Pipefish swaying like a leaf in the shallow part (;^ω^)

A tiny Nudibranch with a big display of colors☆

A Stonefish had buried itself in the sand, it’s easy to miss when hiding this expertly(;´・ω・)

The White-ray Shrimp gobies were lively as always, they share their holes with other gobies so I wonder how they get along in their small shared space(;^ω^)

This week the temperature won’t change much so looking forward to calm diving☆

Discover Scuba Dives in Nagura Bay☆

Today we went Discover Scuba Diving in Ishigaki’s Nagura Bay! The wind was blowing hard since morning, but the corals were beautiful and the visibility was excellent (≧▽≦)

After struggling with the waves at the surface, we went down to the calm world underwater♪

The blue-green Damsel fishes darted in and out of the corals as if they were playing hide and seek(^ω^)

The Clavelina Sea Squirt come in “Ultraman”(popular Japanese fiction character) colors ☆☆ It is hard to beliave that this is a marine animal (;・∀・)

We saw lots of different clownfishes and took pictures with them, our divers will have good memories to bring home (≧▽≦)

It will start snowing in Tokyo, we have it much warmer but looks like Ishigaki will also get a bit colder from next week^^;