From Osaki to Kabira☆

The wind has calmed down a lot in Ishigaki now(≧▽≦) Today we went Fun Diving with divers all the way from Argentina♪♪ First we went diving in Osaki area(/・ω・)/
An Orange Spotted Prawn Goby was sitting on the sandy bottom looking comfy♪

…and the Giant cuttlefishes were totally absorbed in their love games(;^ω^)
Egg laying season has just started and we can see them often☆ In the picture below, a male is approaching the female from behind (;・∀・)

For second dive we went to Manta point. Because of the north wind, we haven’t been able to go there very often recently and the mantas are not there as often. But, of course, we always keep hopes high before jumping in! Unfortunately, no mantas showed up today(T_T) Life’s not always sweet.
At least we got to see this cute Green sea turtle(^O^)

I hope the Manta Rays will come back soon.

Thanks for Two Great Days☆ Diving in Nagura and Osaki Area☆

We had divers from Hong Kong joining us yesterday and today for Fun Diving♪ Yesterday, we still had quite strong north wind so we could only go to Nagura area(;・∀・) But today the wind had finally calmed down♪♪ So we went to Osaki area to search for the Giant Cuttlefishes!

Luckily, it’s high season for seeing Giant Cuttlefish right now and we saw lots of them today\(^o^)/ They came in all sizes –from the very big to the small and cute– they had all gathered together☆☆

Below is an impressive big male showing off for the camera (;・∀・)

There are so many corals in Nagura area! This picture just shows a small part of the healthy reef with all the tropical fishes living in it (≧▽≦)

We can find Batfishes at many different spots in both Nagura bay and Osaki area♪ Recently, we haven’t seen them in big schools very often, but I’m sure they will all come together again eventually (;^ω^)

A Crocodile Fish was slumbering in a crack between the corals. It’s a quite big and eye-catching looking fish so it’s popular among many of our divers(/・ω・)/
Below is another predator♪ A Scorpion fish sitting on top of the sandy bottom, it has very good camouflage colors but sitting on the sand it’s easy to spot (;^ω^)

Close to it sat a Stonefish♪ This fellow got his camouflage just right buried into the sand☆

We also saw many different kinds of Nudibranch☆ Sitting on a slope was this Miamira sinuata♪

On the sandy bottom, a Glossodoris cincta♪

And this Chelidonura amoena that had entangled itself in something, maybe a Parrotfish’s sleeping nest?

From tomorrow, the wind will turn to east(≧▽≦) Soon we can go out from Kabira bay again☆

First Discover Scuba Dives in Kabira this Year☆☆

It’s been a long time since we posted last! But now we are back from winter vacation and the homepage is up and running again after some technical problems♪♪

Ishigaki is getting warmer every day and we had 26°C air temperature as we departed for Discover Scuba Dives (≧▽≦) We did both dives in beautiful Yonehara today☆

Our divers had been scuba before, so we descended swiftly underwater♪♪

The Sea Goldies and Peach Anthias swam in schools above the rocks♪ They really gleam as the light hits them(^O^)

The corals of Yonehara were looking good as always\(^o^)/ So many small fishes dashed in and out of the reef! This is truly a place to heal a tired mind☆☆

Look how our dives swam today! One could think they had a license(;^ω^)
Let’s go for the license next time♪♪

In another two, three days the wind will turn north again so we’ll need to move the boat back to Sakieda(;´・ω・)

Discover Scuba Dives among Corals☆

Warm like a summer’s day♪ 25℃ in Ishigaki island today☆
We went out with one certified diver and his friend who tried diving for the first time(≧▽≦) Todays sites were in Osaki and Nagura area☆

Our discover scuba diver managed a smooth decent♪♪ He even went for a short swim around by himself(^O^)

We saw many different tropical fishes and took picture with the Anemone Clownfishes☆

In Nagura, we swam over the beautiful coral reefs\(^o^)/

I hope we can get many more days like this and the water temperature will go up a bit♪♪ But it’s probably still too early in season(;^ω^)

Fun dives in Kabira area, it’s been long time

We had a little bit of rain but it was 24°C warm in Ishigaki island today☆☆
The wind was a gentle breeze and we departed from Kabira bay for the first time this year and went diving in Yonehara♪ It was so peaceful (≧▽≦) All the fishes and corals were as beautiful as last time we saw them♪

In a coral abandoned by the Anemone Fishes a couple of Squat Shrimps have made their home, they just keep increasing (;・∀・)

A Honey Comb Moray stretched out from its hole(;^ω^)

We also saw a young Luna Lionfish, Nudibranch and many other small critters☆

For second dive we went to Manta Point!!
Two mantas skirted the edge of the cleaning station and then swam away into the blue. Surely they will come back I thought… so we waited. And waited… and just as I was about to give up and head back to the boat two mantas appeared behind. I wonder if it was the same ones as before? I’m happy they showed up again (≧▽≦)

Lucky we got to see them☆
Tomorrow we start cleaning before for our holiday♪