Discover Scuba Dives with Giant Cuttlefish♪♪

North wind and heavy rain in Ishigaki island this morning☆ Today, we went out for discover scuba dives♪♪ We had a relaxed swim with our diver who visited us last year in December too(≧▽≦) We met a very large Green turtle☆

And a small turtle(≧▽≦) This one was resting on top of the corals(;´・ω・)

In Osaki, we saw the Giant cuttlefishes mating♪

We saw around fifteen of them laying eggs and some males were fighting over the females☆

In Nagura bay, we also saw several Giant cuttlefishes spawning. Soon, the eggs laid by them last year should start to hatch\(^o^)/

A big white Nudibranch♪

A Ribbon eel with it’s mouth wide open♪

A Whitemouth moray eel☆We see them quite often♪

It was a good day of diving today, looking forward to more dives tomorrow! I’m just a bit concerned about the wind because it keeps turning(;・∀・)

Fun Dives♪ Which Animal is Gathering in Osaki?!

It’s been raining since this morning, but at least the wind has calmed down in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
We encountered a lot of different marine animals today☆ This little fellow was only about one centimeter♪ It’s a Pipehorse but this one looks more like a small piece of rubbish(;・∀・)

A Stonefish buried in the sand☆ This individual is very big, always be careful where you put your hand(;^ω^)

The Green turtles were sleeping in their usual place♪♪ There was still a bit of wave motion underwater so this one has squeezed under a rock to keep steady(/・ω・)/

The Giant cuttlefishes are gathering in Osaki(*^▽^*) From now on, we’ll see a lot of them☆

The cuttlefishes in Nagura bay are also still spawning♪ This year the season started early so if you look closely it is possible to see the baby cuttlefishes inside the eggs☆

Look at the frills of this Nudibranch♪♪ What a cupcake(`・ω・´)

A Mantis peacock shrimp☆ We often see only the head sticking out of a hole, but this one was out in the open today☆

At a first glance, I thought this Ribbon eel had started to turn blue but I was wrong(´-ω-`) It’s still a black young individual♪

Besides all the beautiful and interesting marine animals, we also enjoyed the corals and underwater scenery☆

The weather should be really good for diving from tomorrow☆

Fun Dives in Wintry Ishigaki Island

The temperature has suddenly dropped in Ishigaki(;´・ω・) We had such warm weather up until today, but I guess we’re back to normal winter for a bit (;^ω^)
We went diving in Osaki area and Nagura bay today♪ In Osaki, there was a bit swell but we could still go and see the Green turtles☆

A Pipehorse tried to stay put on the sandy bottom but without anything to hold onto it seemed difficult (;・∀・) I wonder if it get swept away from somewhere.

With this swell, Nagura area is much calmer and the Giant cuttle fishes are still mating(≧▽≦) There was no swell and they were very busy laying eggs☆

The visibility was down a bit, but the corals were still beautiful as ever♪

We often see the Banded seasnakes♪

The shrimps were also looking well☆ I thought this big Bubble coral shrimp had disappeared but he was there today(;・∀・)

An Anemone partner shrimp in their anemone.

The swell should go down a bit until tomorrow♪♪ Looking forward to more dives☆

On Request! Lots of Cuttlefishes in Ishigaki♪

Today, we still had south wind in Ishigaki island but tomorrow it will turn to north again(;^ω^)
We went for three dives in Osaki area and Nagura bay today and saw lots of Giant cuttlefishes(≧▽≦) But first, corals!

Eight(!) Giant cuttle fishes in Osaki and seven of them in Nagura bay♪♪
The were very busy laying eggs\(^o^)/

Watch the female lay her eggs inside the corals♪♪

We also found a Ribbon eel♪

And a huge Honeycomb moray eel☆

A tiny black Nudibranch (*’ω’*) It looks like a little sooth(;´・ω・)

In the shallows, we found crabs and shrimps☆

There are many dive sites with Anemone partner shrimps, but I feel happy every time I find one♪

This shrimp also stayed in the same Anemoneす☆

From tomorrow, the weather will be colder again with the north wind.

Diving in Kabira Again!

It’s only February but it already feels like summer in Ishigaki island (;^ω^) The wind is blowing strongly from the south so we departed from Kabira to dive in Yonehara and Arakawa area☆
Below, the coral garden in Yonehara♪♪ The corals in Nagura are really beautiful too, but the visibility in Yonehara makes them extra spectacular(^O^)

A school of Sea goldies☆

We went looking for the cuttlefishes today but couldn’t find any (/ω\) However, we met many other fascinating fishes ♡ These Clown anemonefish eggs will hatch soon♪ Sooo many eyes!

A Whip coral shrimp☆ This shrimp was pretty big, almost as wide as the coral(;・∀・)

A Spider crab♪ They can often be found on ropes, but this one was sitting on a rock☆

It’s been a long time since we could go landscape diving here☆ The visibility was excellent and we had lots of fun swimming through the tunnels\(^o^)/

We also found many different kinds of Nudibranches on this dive♪

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is another day with warm south winds☆ Looking forward to dive!